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Punchbowl is an online invitation program.  It can be used for many types of gatherings where emailed invitations are needed.  Online cards and group video cards are also available.  To learn more, please visit Punchbowl.com.

In this context, the program is used to send invitations to groups within a golf club to fill pre-arranged tee times at various golf courses.

Videos for Members

How to Set Up a Punchbowl Account

Video illustrates how to set up a punchbowl account using the desktop and the phone app to receive, reply and manage tee time invitations.  Account settings for both platforms are illustrated in detail. 

The phone app is especially useful as it enables the user to see all current casual play invitations in one place.  Each invitation will show the available spots and enables the user to RSVP from the app.

Punchbowl for Golf Tee Time Group Invitations

Video illustrates how to use Punchbowl for casual play tee time invitations.  Learn how to:

  • RSVP to an emailed invitation,
  • Peek at the guest list,
  • Answer a poll question,
  • Get directions,
  • Save the date on your calendar,
  • Send a note to the hostess,
  • Sign out if something comes up,
  • See all casual play tee time invitations in one place.

Change Punchbowl RSVP from YES to NO

Videos for Admin

Punchbowl Event Set Up

Cancel an Event

Change Event Capacity

Add or Delete Contacts

Update Email Address