Sweeps is a golf competition where everyone pays an entry fee to participate.  All the collected funds are awarded to the players with the best net scores based on flights.  Players are only competing with other members within their flighted handicap range.

The objective of the Sweeps competition is to recognize and award as many participants as possible.  Extra awards are given for chip-ins and birdies.  Women’s Golf Leagues play sweeps every week.

Small clubs use an excel spreadsheet to track scores and calculate winners. This process is easily accomplished with an online collaboration using a product like DropBox.  A team of four volunteers is a good division of duties:  Excel Geek, Handicap, Data Entry, and finally the League Captain to calculate sweeps winners.

In the videos and 9-Hole Sweeps Spreadsheet below, flights are based on the player’s 9-hole course handicap. There are 64 club members. To establish 5 flights, there should be approximately 12 members per flight. Once flight ranges are established, they become fixed and do not change throughout the year. A common 9-hole flight range is illustrated in the table at right. The ranges provide an even distribution of members. Handicap information for all clubs can be accessed using the USGA Admin Portal.

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How to Calculate Sweeps Winners

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9-Hole Sweeps Spreadsheet

9-Hole Sweeps Spreadsheet - Click to Download

18-Hole Sweeps Spreadsheet

18-Hole Sweeps Spreadsheet - Click to Download